After care is CRUCIAL to the healing process. Not following the after care may hinder results so please follow these!!


  • Put on a RICE SIZE amount of the balm I give you 4-5 times daily with clean Q-tips/hands for 7 DAYS. (Do not put a ton on, brows may not heal properly if too much product is applied at once.)
  • Ice may be applied the first day following the procedure for 10-15 minutes per hour for a bit, if desired.
  • Wash morning and night for 7 days with the blue soap provided, or with a gentle cleanser!  Wash within 4 hours of getting brows done.  (Make sure to wash IN THE SINK, NOT IN THE SHOWER. Look in the mirror while washing so you can make sure to be EXTRA gentle. Only wipe gently in the direction of hair growth, no circles or hard rubbing. Wash with warm or cool water, and pat dry with clean towel/paper towel.)
  • Keep brows dry (besides washing, & moisturizing with balm) until 100% healed. Aka: no scabbing or flaking left Usually 10 days.
    Clients need to keep dry in the shower while healing.. steamy hot showers will cause the pores to open and scabs soften, so to be cautious, no steamy hot showers for 7 days! Avoid the water ESPECIALLY shampoo & conditioner running down.. that will cause color discoloration!
  • No doing HEAVY work outs that cause sweating for 7 days. The salt from your sweat will cause brows to turn gray/ashy/faded!
  • Try to sleep on your back for 7 days. (We can’t always control how we sleep, however sleeping on your side or on face can result in forcing one or both brows to exfoliate sooner than needed).
  • Avoid swimming pools, hot tubs, lakes, saunas, etc for 14 days.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and tanning beds for at least 14 days. If outside, wear big hat and sunglasses to shield your brows.
  • AVOID makeup, brow tints and other facial treatments on the procedure area until healed (14 days).
  • DO NOT pick, rub, or scratch the area. (infection and fading may occur if done.)
  • YOU MUST AVOID THESE PRODUCTS ON THE PROCEDURE AREA ALWAYS: Anti-Aging, Retin-A/Retinol, Accutane or Acne products that actively stimulate lighten, or brighten the skin. These products will lighten and change the pigment color almost immediately, typically turning the procedure area ashy.
  • *YOUR 1st TOUCH-UP (aka: “perfection visit”.) should be scheduled about 6 weeks – 10 weeks after procedure which is when you will be healed. Permanent makeup & cosmetic procedures are typically at least a two-step process.


  • Be sure to wear sunglasses home. Eyes may be light sensitive.
  • Eyeliner will go through a light flaking stage. Do not be alarmed. This is part of the normal tattooing process.
  • Swelling & Puffiness may appear (you may look like you have been crying for that day).
  • Eyes may feel slightly irritated for a day or so after the procedure.
  • Try to not get eye area wet for the first 7 days. (Try taking baths or facing away from water in shower.)
  • NO WORKING OUT for at least 48 hours after the procedure.
  • NO makeup on eye area for 7 days.
  • NO swimming, chlorine, pools, lakes, for 7 days.
  • Do not use a lash growth serum for 2 weeks before or after your procedure
  • YOU MUST AVOID THESE PRODUCTS ON THE AREA: Anti-Aging productsAccutane or Acne products that actively stimulate lighten, or brighten the skin. These products will lighten and change the pigment color in your skin almost immediately, typically turning the procedure area ashy or grey.
  • While they are flaking do not pick, peel or force them to exfoliate, let them exfoliate on their own.
  • Apply a THIN layer of Aquaphor or Vaseline with a clean Q-tip each time.
  • If swelling or puffiness appears, you may use ice packs. Be sure you reapply ointment after with clean Q-Tip.
  • You may also take anti-histamines if you are able to. (Such as Benadryl, Claritin, etc).
  • DO NOT RUB EYES – You may use Eye drops in eyes if needed. Rubbing/scratching may result in infection &/or removal of pigment.
  • *YOUR 1st TOUCH-UP should be scheduled around 6 weeks – 3 months after procedure which is when you will be healed. Permanent makeup & cosmetic procedures are typically at least a two-step process.


  • It is 100% normal for your lips to feel chapped or dry after the procedure.
  • Keep using the Vaseline on them to keep them moisturized (You may also use Aquaphor if desired).
  • The color will be very bold immediately following the procedure & will change throughout the healing process, the color will come back AFTER 4 WEEKS, so please do not be alarmed!
  • It is normal to experience swelling or puffiness. After you get home and the numbness subsides you may gently use ice packs and take antihistamines to help.
  • Apply Aquaphor or Vaseline to lips all throughout the day whenever they feel dry.
  • DO NOT force, pick or peel lips as the lips will start to peel. (this is a completely normal part of the process.)
  • AVOID applying any products that contain Aloe or Vitamin E while healing, as they contain natural enzymes that will lighten the area and change the color.
  • If swollen or puffiness appears: you may use: ice packs and antihistamines. (Such as Benadryl, if able to.)
  • If prone to cold sores, fever blisters or herpesYOU MUST obtain a prescription for Valtrex or Zovirax from your doctor to take before and after.
  • *Absolutely NO Retin-A, Retinol or any other products that will exfoliate your skin on any treated area. IF DONE, IT WILL FADE THE COLOR.*


Touch-Ups may vary in price. You may need more than 2 appointments if you require correction work from another artist! 

Please schedule your touch up appointment ahead of time. Thank you for reading this! 🙂

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